Batman Arkham VR Core Story is an Hour Long

Batman Arkham VR aims to inform a “highly focused” murder-mystery story, with players taking their place behind the noted cowl – and that we currently grasp simply however long that focus can last.

According to Rock steady complete selling producer, Dax Ginn, one regular run through of the game’s story can take around Associate in Nursing hour – however there is slightly additional thereto than that:

“The core narrative is concerning hr in period,” Ginn tells PressStart, “however further content is unsecured that has concerning another ninety minutes of gameplay on high of that.”

It’s the 1st time Rocksteady has spoken specifically concerning the game’s length, though it’s ne’er been beaked as one thing similar to the core Batman: Arkham games.

We’ve solely contend 2 short sections of the sport up to now, however Ginn says that the sheer level of detail enclosed can offer “plenty of reasons to play through the sport multiple times so as to visualize everything that we’ve place into it.”

The game are discharged aboard PlayStation VR on October thirteen, priced at £15.99 (US RRP not confirmed).


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