Why PS4 Jailbreak


PS4 Jailbreak 4.07 CFW – Jailbreaking your PS4 will provide you with full administrator and developer rights over your console’s stock software. After jailbreaking your PS4, you can back up games directly to your console, play new file formats that were previously unsupported, install game mods, and run third-party software not supported by PS4. To jailbreak your PS4, you must first update your PS4 firmware, then install third-party jailbreak software using a Windows-based computer.

Our firmware enables you to unlock a wide variety of features that were previously locked from usage on your PS4 console. One of the most fundamental benefits for jailbreaking your PS4 is the capacity to browse and use all locked regional content. This is easily achieved with our latest firmware version, furthermore you will be unlocking the true power management capabilities of your console.

The level of customization offered by our CFW is outstanding, not only that, but it is extremely easy to configure too. Our PS4 jailbreak tutorial is simply the best available in the world, it is easy to understand and directly implement all by yourself. You won’t require any technical guides or specifically designed tools, just ten to fifteen minutes of your time and you will have a fully unlocked PS4.

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