Resident Evil 7’s VR Mode Could Be PlayStation – Exclusive for a Year

Resident Evil 7’s VR Mode Could Be PlayStation – Exclusive for a Year. With simply every week to travel before the launch plastic wrap is ripped off of PlayStation VR, a Facebook advert suggests that the computer game telephone receiver has bagged a big regular exclusive deal.

A post promoting the VR mode of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard was noticed by a Reddit user, UN agency noticed  a line at rock bottom of the Facebook advert that reads “Resident Evil seven Biohazard coming back in 2017 and exclusive to PlayStation VR for twelve months.”

It ought to be noted that this exclusivity seems to use solely to the VR version of the sport. Those wish to play the “vanilla” version of Capcom’s latest survival horror installment can still be able to on Xbox One and computer.

Resident Evil 7's VR Mode Could Be PlayStation - Exclusive for a Year

Capcom has not nonetheless created a proper announcement on that computer game platforms can receive Resident Evil seven Biohazard, however a regular exclusive traumatize PSVR would improve the headset’s lineup at a time wherever competition between its rivals is fierce.

If PSVR is so receiving a regular exclusive, the deal can finish roughly round the same time that Microsoft are going to be launching its Xbox Scorpio console. Xbox Boss Phil sociologist has confirmed that the Scorpio can have the capabilities to pack computer game technology – may Biohazard’s VR mode be one amongst the primary games to launch on a replacement console headset?

In terms of what we will truly expect from Resident Evil seven itself, Capcom is keeping schtum. With simply some months before launch, we tend to still do not know what the sport can truly seem like.

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